Photovoice Exhibition and International Human Rights Day Commemorative Activity

WHER Initiative conducted a Photovoice exhibition on the 16th of December 2018 in commemoration of the annual International Human Rights Day celebrated every 10th December. The purpose of this event is to create an avenue for LBQ women to gain knowledge on culture, human rights and sexuality and to tell the stories of violations experienced by LBQT women across Nigeria.

The event was attended by 37 participants. The occasion was centred on the need for people to stand against violations and injustice of the rights of everyone regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. It also reflected on what culture says about human rights, and the universality of culture was discussed in detail as it relates to sexuality as well as human rights. 10 photographs of LBQT persons were exhibited and participants took time to reflect on their stories of human rights violations


WHER Initiative kick-started a book club and named it RAINBOW READS book club. This book club was intended to further advertise both the physical and virtual resource libraries of WHER. The main objective of this project is for LBQ women who are book-lovers to gain the benefits of belonging to a book club and to create an atmosphere where book lovers can learn new things in the books they read. It was agreed that book club members would get to watch educative movies as well after discussing books in two subsequent club meetings.


1. 11th of May 2019 Book: NAMELESS, a collection of stories 8
2. 15th June 2019 Book: NOT YET UHURU (LESBIAN FLASH EROTICA) authored by Dolar Vasani. 7
3. 20th of July 2019 Movie: BATTLE OF THE SEXES 36
4. 17th August 2019 Book: BELOVED by Toni Morrison 7
5. 21st of September 2019 Book: From “Erotic Impulse” – RADICAL FEMME (poems by Scarlet Woman); GOING PUBLIC, a story written by Betty Dodson 15
6. 19th October 2019 Movie: PROFESSOR MARSTON & THE WONDER WOMEN 28



Strengthening The Social-Economic Status Of Lesbian Bisexual And Queer Women.

WHER Initiative conducted a Psychological Empowerment and Life Skills Building Workshop, and also Planning and Maintaining Small Income Generating Enterprise Workshop from 18th – 24th October 2019 and 26th – 1st November 2019 respectively. The workshop which held in Abuja saw 35 participants in attendance.

The psychological empowerment workshop covered topics on understanding SOGIESC and gender equality, personal and life skills including self-awareness and self-acceptance, negotiation and communication skills, effective time management, stress management, personal development and development of personal vision board. For gaining and maintaining employment, participants were taught on choosing a career path by understanding oneself and personality, understanding job roles and tailoring job search, and dressing for success.

Of the total participants in attendance, there was 78% increase in knowledge gained after the first batch of the workshop and also 89% increase in knowledge gained after the second batch of the workshop as assessed by the pre and post-workshop questionnaires in both workshops.