Queer O'Clock

Queer O’ Clock: The naked truth

By Queer Bee The air smelled of death, chills, and blissful peace. She could feel her feet getting cold as Azrael (Angel of death) was lurking around the corner waiting for her clock to come to a halt and snatch her soul like a thief in the night. Around that time of the year, Azare

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Queer O’ Clock: Corper SIB’s Rant

by SIB During NYSC, I worked in a predominantly male office and received some very awful comments about my career because I am a woman. Once one of my colleagues said he knows that I plan to get married after service and have kids so he didn’t see why I was bothering with work. How

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Queer O’ Clock: La femme fatale

By Queer Bee We have just two Queer lounges in town, “Ebony lounge” and ” la femme fatale”. My crew and I consisting of Kemi the police officer, Aisha the lawyer, Ronke the painter, Ruth the DJ, and myself Maureen the doctor all loved to party and have a good time. At 11.45 pm we

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Queer O’ Clock: The stud from my father’s funeral

By Queer Bee I was grieving when it happened. I had just lost my dad to a heart attack. I had passed through different stages of grief, from denial to anger and now depression. I had just finished my last paper when the call came in from mom. Her voice was shaken, cracked up like

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