Kissing Sade

I had always dreamed of my wedding as a child and like every dreamy child, I hoped for a dreamy life. Cute husband, cute kids and a beautiful home. I even journaled the kind of wedding I wanted as early as my first year in Secondary school and it was going to be a private wedding at the Beach, with doves and pigeons and a small, sonorous choir but then again wishes are not horses and I am not a beggar. Lol.

I got the husband of my dreams and had a regular wedding. We had met at a mall and never took a break till after our wedding. He is every woman’s dream man and I knew I had a good man, it was bliss for four years till everything changed for me.


By the fourth year of our marriage, we began to struggle with sex, it was joyless and very painful, don’t get me wrong, my husband knows his ways around his conjugal duties. I could take the pain in the first few years but it got worse by the fourth year and we became concerned so we sought medical opinions. I was tested for vaginismus and all sorts of infections and gradually I became a lab rat for the Nigerian laboratories outfits but all the body invasions and medicines did very little for me. Sometimes the drugs numbed the pains but other times my body was resistant. It was such a struggle as I couldn’t conceive because of these issues. Nothing was wrong with me they said but the pain would not stop. By the third year we took our search for solutions to the UK and the doctors there also cleared me but still, I wasn’t getting pregnant.


After I came back from the UK I had no choice but to go back to work and keep being hopeful. I started to look for things to distract myself but nothing seem to help until I discovered cocktails. A colleague had invited me to a cocktail bar close to work to celebrate her promotions. I don’t think I had tasted such delicious cocktails before then and if I had then I can’t remember. After that day I began to frequent the bar for nice cocktails.


Nero’s Bar is such a cosy place with a dark ambience, now my best place to hide in plain sight and I love it. In a few days, I made a few bar friends and Nero, the owner of the bar, who is so warm and kind became one of my best people, before long I had someone I could tell what exactly I feel about my life and he gets it. He knows so much about body positivity and self-awareness. He is easily the voice of wisdom in every room. After I told him about my painful sex he first gave me the best hug I have ever received and told me we would both find a way around it but I was scared. I love my husband and my marriage was the best thing I have going on right now.


“Hey Nero, I just thought to mention it so we are in the clear. I am married, I love my man and I would never cheat on him. I sincerely want to believe that we can have a platonic relationship without extra strings attached but if this is different from what you want I would be glad if we can maintain a certain type of distance to avoid starting something that might hurt us and others”


I had sat in the car for almost an hour drafting this message for Nero because as much as I love our friendship I would never do anything to jeopardise my marriage, I knew I was standing at a gap where I could still be friends with Nero or I go back to my lonely life with just my job and husband. I hit the send button and prayed I hadn’t made a big mistake. I was still sitting in the car saying my little prayers when someone tapped the window, I almost jumped out of my skin.


I looked up and Nero was standing there with a corky smile on his face. He gestured to the door and opened it as soon as I unlocked the car. We both sat in silence as if making up our minds on what to say to each other. “So, I just got your message while stocking the store and I kinda laughed a bit but then I don’t blame you, I know many women become sceptical when a man becomes very friendly but my darling, I don’t need anything from you especially not sex. I am in a very happy gay relationship with Marius my boyfriend so you have nothing to worry about” I almost ran away from the car because of how embarrassed I felt, like how didn’t  I make it out that there is something different and also charming about Nero? I turned to look at him but he saw the embarrassment on my face and laughed so hard I had to join in.


The next weekend I was invited to a party at the Beach with Nero and his friends. I was already sure I would be alone since Nero is the host so I sat at an empty tent sipping a drink and distracting myself with my phone then out of nowhere someone spoke from behind me “You know you will feel more lost in this party when your battery runs out and you have to face people anyways” I turned to behold the most unpredictable lady I would be meeting in my adult

Life. “Hi” she continued before I could respond while stretching out her hand for a shake at the same time “I’m Sade, they call me Shade” I took in her warm soft palm in a shake while once again catching a glimpse of her face “Hello, I’m Eby, please don’t ask for the full name cos I don’t want to stress myself teaching you my Bayelsan name” We both laughed to that then sat and engulfed ourselves in conversations until Nero came to call us for the games. At the “Truth or Dare” games Sade was dared to pick one female she has a crush on and kiss them for 10 seconds.


I haven’t been to a party in many years so I was excited to see some adult fun, I was waiting eagerly for Sade to choose her said crush. I almost peed my body when Sade walked toward me and said “Are you ready?” with a defeating smile “No, I’m not in the mood” I kept saying in my head but I didn’t want to be a party pooper so I gave in, I had never kissed another female before I could tick it off my bucket list, I thought to myself. Was ready for the kiss when Sade pulled me close and whispered “You know this is my dare right? That means I do the kissing and you follow the lead” I cocked my head to get a good look at her face just to be sure she is being serious but she was and I didn’t put up any fights because she is right after all.


Sade held my hands to my sides with her own hands and pinned me to the wall caressing my lips and mouth in the most mesmerizing ways possible. Before her time elapsed I felt a puddle in my underwear and my body shaking. I felt her tongue on every part of my lips and I can swear she enjoyed it as much as I did.


I had never felt anything like that before, it felt like an out-of-body experience. After the game, I was glad I could leave the fold to clear my head because I kept wanting more of that kiss, that twirl in my mouth that my brain can’t stop craving. I walked to the water just staring into space for distractions because as Sade said, my phone battery is low and I need to conserve it in case my husband calls.


“I was looking for you in the crowd, are you hiding?” Before I could turn completely she was standing in my face and my first instinct was to pull her into another mesmerizing kiss but the voice in my head kept prompting me not to, I know I looked at her with a hunger I couldn’t explain. She climbed the mould and sat with me, sitting side by side Sade made the puddle in my underwear even bigger but we talked about other things instead, even at that I couldn’t stop thinking about kissing her again. The party came to an end and I ran to my car because I was sure if I went to her to say goodbye I might be tempted to act my mind.


Three days went by and I couldn’t get the thought of the best kiss of my life off my mind. I became horny just thinking of it but I wasn’t sure which I missed, the kiss or Sade. It became so overwhelming that for the first time in my years of marriage I approached my husband for sex and I was wetter than I have ever been in my life even though the sex was awkward as usual it wasn’t as painful. My husband kept asking if I took anything and didn’t believe me when I said I didn’t because how do I tell him that a kiss at a beach party has turned out to be the best aphrodisiac of my existence?


After a week of battling the thought in my head and daydreaming about kissing Sade again, I knew I had to go to Nero for some talks. I need his voice of wisdom on this, so after my salon appointment on Saturday, I went in to see my best friend. He was glad to see me or he was just being a typically dramatic Nero.


“Hey stranger, you disappeared on me after the party, what happened?” Nero started

“Please is there a private place we can talk, I need to talk to you about something” I guess I sounded very urgent as Nero dropped his writing pad and walked me into his office, I sat on the armchair before he offered. He dragged another chair and sat facing me, looking worried.

“Are you Okay, how are things at home?” He asked in a worried tone.

“I’m okay Nero and everything is great at home but not with me, not with my heart, my head, my body. Nero, I don’t know why I feel the way I do and I need you on this because I’m sure you will understand it better than I do”

“You are not telling me anything Eby, what’s going on” He enquired.

“Remember that day at the party by the Beach? Your friend Sade kissed me as a dare, We kissed and I have been a mess, Nero. Not in a bad way though, Nero I have never accosted my husband for sex but I did, I look at a fellow woman and imagine what it would feel like to kiss them,  including my boss, and have never been as wet as I am right now in my pant. I can’t sleep or concentrate because I can’t get the kiss and the girl off my mind. It’s all I think about, all I crave. My body can’t stop craving the electric energy I felt at that moment. Please Nero, what is happening to me, I feel like I don’t understand my own body anymore?” I started to cry at this point but Nero just sat there looking at me with a light smile on his face.


He scooped me into his arms and let me weep so helplessly because these feelings are overwhelming and I didn’t know what to do with myself at that point.

“Hey, you are having an emotional influx right now and while it can be the most amazing feeling it can also be overwhelming especially when the situations are confusing so don’t worry darling you will be fine. Have you kissed a girl before?” I looked at him and he seriously wanted an answer. “No, Never. Sade was the first” I responded. He laughed lightly but seeing how confused and overwhelmed I was I guess he couldn’t get himself to laugh. “Ever had a crush on another girl” he continued “No, I have always dated guys and have dreamt of meeting Mr Right my whole life. I never had best friends or close female friends” I said impatiently.

“Well” Nero continued, “I think that for the first time you are being attracted to another female and in this case, it is Sade, luckily for you, Sade is single and is an amazing friend to me. If you don’t want to chase that emotion I can only wish you luck in trying to suppress it, I think you should reach out to her and arrange a meeting, who knows, maybe what you feel was the thrill from people watching you kiss someone or your brain has activated a part of you you didn’t know existed” He said matter of factly.

“So what do I do?” I asked curiously

“I think you should take a few days to read and research what you can about the lesbian and bisexuality concepts to best understand the basics, then if you still feel this strongly after your research then you can reach out to Sade, what do you think”

“I think I can do that” I responded


I left the bar feeling a little relieved and like Nero advised I spent the next few days watching LBQ movies, reading articles and watching documentaries on Netflix while some stories sounded scary, they were good eye-openers. I kept putting Sade and me in every context of a couple I found and after about a week I was sure I needed to see her again so I called Nero to request her contact.


I called on a Saturday evening after I left the Salon, I sat in the car and as soon as the phone began to ring I felt like my heart would pop out of my chest because of how loudly it was beating. “Hello!!!!” she said between laughs and I figured she wasn’t alone but hearing her voice my heart began to beat even more.

“Hi!!!, I don’t know if you remember me but we met at a beach party a few weeks back and…….”

“Eby!!!!!” she screamed at her end

“Yes, this is Eby” I was just glad she remembered me and that felt like a good sign.

“It’s so good to hear from you, you snuck out of the party and I didn’t even  know whose guest you were to ask for your contact, how have you been?”

“I have been great and you? I’m sorry I left the party the way I did. I had to rush home for something” I apologised.

“It’s okay, I just felt bad I didn’t get your number but I kept my fingers crossed our paths would cross someday and now look at us” I guess I was too impatient for the pleasantries hence I went straight to the point.

“So what part of town do you stay in?” She giggled a bit and I wasn’t sure if that was to my question or a distraction on her end.

“I stay on the Island, you? Where do you stay?” the puddles in my underwear began to gather again and my abdomen started to twitch intermittently like at the party.

“I stay on the Island as well” Her voice sounded happy at that.

“We can meet today if you are up to it, I just came to see my mom in Lekki Phase 1” she explained.

“I just finished with the salon in Phase 1 as well and I don’t mind us meeting. Can you make it to Nero’s soon” I said excitedly

“I can be at Nero’s in 20mins if that’s okay”

“Okay then, see you soon”

I got to Nero’s bar but he wasn’t there so I just got my order and sat patiently while I await my guest. After a few minutes, I heard a voice saying hello to the seat behind mine, I turned and there she was. Casually dressed in a boyfriend ripped jeans, a T-shirt and a pair of converse sneakers with nerd glasses, a perfect fit for her facial structure. After her hellos, she walked over to me and enveloped me in a big hug and I just wanted to stay in her arms a little longer. After we took our seats I just sat, stared and smiled, I couldn’t believe she was here in person.

“How have you been?” She asked

“I’m great, you… you look more beautiful than the first time we met, no offence please” she smiled and blushed a bit.

“Thank you. I was actually recovering from my appendix surgery when we met but I’m better now”

“Sorry dear, I didn’t know or I would have checked on you” she smiled at me while looking curiously at me “I wasn’t expecting to hear from you of all people today but my day was made as soon as you introduced yourself”

“I didn’t introduce myself, you made me out” I laughed

“That’s to show you how much I have thought of you all day since that day” I had the urge to say “me too” but I was doing my possible best to make a good impression but I was tired of the boring back and forth questions and just needed to get straight to business and I did that as soon as the bar brought our orders.

“I don’t know if I missed you or the kiss or you or the thrill of the environment but I haven’t been myself since you kissed me at that party I just know that you and how you kissed me are stuck in my head and saturate my thoughts when I am alone. Right now I feel weird wetness between  my legs and I have never felt that before, please tell me you understand what I’m saying”


She sat and stared admiringly at me a bit and beckoned me to stand and follow her, I resisted at first but gave in when she asked me to trust her, I did and she held my hand, led me into the empty VIP lounge, pushed me on a sofa, ran a finger through all my naked skin, unbuttoned my shirt’s top button, slowly ran her tongue on my chest and at this point, I was certain I was going to evaporate at any moment as she did everything to set my skin on fire but didn’t bring her lips up to mine, that drove me more insane and I didn’t know but I wanted to kiss her so badly I begged her in tears to kiss me, a little delay and she brought her lips to mine and once again set my insides on fireworks with her tongue, I felt my body shivering, my heart beating out of rhythm and my head at the verge of exploding and I cried some more while begging her no to stop and she didn’t, she kept at it until I began to gasp for air, it was so intense I forgot to breathe but she held my hand, looked into my eyes and told me to look at her and keep breathing, I did that.


I knew I didn’t want to leave her sight, I didn’t want to be anywhere she isn’t and since my husband was out of town I begged her to come home with me but she refused, we got a hotel instead and as soon as we got into the room I lost control of myself and begged her to take me and till this day I try to recall what she did to me but I was sure I passed out a few times, had the orgasms, squirted and screamed out my lungs in ecstasy.


Sade and I have been together now for five months and I have never been more sexually alive that I want to make love to her in any enclosed space we could find, in the car, my office, her office, in an Uber, Cinema, just anywhere we find ourselves alone. It’s the most amazing sexual experience of both our lives.


I don’t intend to keep this part of me a secret, after I realised I don’t want my life without Sade and the love she brings I came out to my husband.


He agreed to keep the marriage to avoid family prejudices because who wants to answer one million questions from the family, we both chase the lives we want since we both can’t have kids.


 He also confessed to having an eye for a lady he met on a business trip. They are currently dating and I am very happy for them and can’t wait to carry their babies. I can’t have kids because of some medical condition I wish not to disclose but I am happy and Sade seems happy too and that’s all that matters right now.

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