Dearest Reader,

With the current crippling economic situation in Nigeria, one can only worry as to how best the common man can navigate this. 

With our purchasing power constantly reducing whilst the cost of living rises, it can be hard to look after yourself. So what i would try to do in this article, is to remind you that you aren’t alone, you shouldn’t beat yourself up and take it one day at a time.

This hardship is shared by many of us. Please reach out, connect with your community. Share resources, skills, even meals. Our collective spirit can be a powerful shield against the current hardship.

Next, take a hard look at your spending. Can you differentiate between needs and wants? Prioritising the essentials may be difficult, but it’s crucial. Analyse your spending and identify areas to cut back. Consider more affordable alternatives or explore second-hand options. Remember, frugality isn’t deprivation; it’s about making conscious choices that stretch your resources further.

This could also be a time to invest in yourself. Is there a skill you can learn that could bring in additional income? Explore online courses, workshops, or fellowships offering free training. Empower yourself to find new opportunities in the current market.

Don’t be afraid to raise your voice. We can influence change. Let us hold our leaders accountable. Advocate for policies that address the economic crisis and support the most vulnerable. 

Finally, embrace your resourcefulness. Get creative! Explore ways to save on utilities. Learn basic repairs to extend the life of your belongings. Consider starting a small home-based business to supplement your income.

This crisis doesn’t define us. It’s a chance to build resilience and resourcefulness. Take things one day at a time. Celebrate small victories, like sticking to a budget or learning a new skill. Let’s navigate these challenges together with a spirit of community and a focus on a brighter future.

Remember, there are resources available. Don’t hesitate to contact local charities or NGOs that may offer financial assistance or food banks. Explore any credible government programs for economic relief or assistance. And if the stress becomes overwhelming, seek mental health resources to help you cope.

By working together and taking action, we can overcome these hurdles and find a path towards economic stability.

With Love,

Gertrude Undie for WHER Nigeria.

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