Dearest Queerbie,

This is our month, a vibrant celebration of who we are!

But Pride isn’t just about rainbows and parades; it’s a powerful reminder of the battles fought and the victories won. It’s about acknowledging your incredible strength and unwavering spirit.

You, dear reader, are the heart of Pride. Your determination, resilience, and unwavering will have brought us all so far. Together, in unwavering solidarity and love, we’ve carved out a space for ourselves, a space where we’re celebrated for a whole month.

But this is just the beginning. Imagine the future we can build together! A future where acceptance is the norm, not the exception. Your persistence, even in the face of growing opposition, is truly remarkable. Your courage to live authentically, unapologetically you, is what fuels our fight for a world that embraces everyone.

So let’s keep moving forward, together. Let Pride be a springboard, not a stopping point.

What will you do to create a more inclusive world this year?

We will be here, working twice as hard to make sure we create a future where we can all live happily and freely.

With gratitude and unwavering support,

Gertrude Undie for WHER Nigeria.

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