Valentine’s Dinner 2023

The annual Valentine’s Day dinner for LBQ couples debuted in 2022 which had in attendance over 40 LBQ couples and singles in attendance.


For the 2023 edition was held on the 12th of February 2023 with more than 20 LBQ couples. The day was set aside to celebrate the love that exist within the community and give Women who are in love and sleep with women a safe environment to celebrate their love as they are unable to do that in regular restaurants and public spaces since same sex relationships are still criminalized in the country.


The venue was glamorously decorated to provide a cosy and elegant for the evening. The event began proper at about a few minutes past 4pm with half of the expected guests already seated.

It was such a glamorous evening of love, laughter and learning.


After the introduction session where participants were asked to introduce themselves and tell their fellow guests one important thing about themselves the MC began with card games where participants were asked questions based on the content of any card they picked. Such an interesting session it was.


Thereafter, a therapist spoke to the room on issues of Safe Sex and Intimate Partner Violence. In her short lecture she reiterated the following points:

  • That condom are not meant for only the male folks but meant for everybody.
  • That safe sex is the most important type of sex and is as important as consents
  • Gave a brief practical on how to make dental dams out of male condoms
  • Advised that Dental dams should be made out of un-lubricated condoms only
  • That condoms should be used with sex toys in situations where one shares a sex toy such as vibrators and dildos with more than one partner
  • Urged participants to also go for regular check-ups especially when they notice any difference in their bodies.
  • Advised on relationship safety and how to access help in cases on intimate partner violence.


The brief lecture session was concluded after a question and answer session that helped members of the community get clarity on different issues aforementioned by the therapist by name Sanasi.  

After the above mentioned session the party went into full effect as a series of sumptuous meals, deserts, cocktails and drinks were served to the guest who attested to the generosity of WHER Initiative, especially in food and drinks when we host events. While item 7 was ongoing, Fresh Rex, a queer-upcoming rapper took the room on a jolly groove with her rap skills for 15mins to the glaring delight of participants and staff present.


The DJ took it from there and it was dance and groove till the guests began to depart at 9pm but not before a reassuring vote of thanks by the Executive Director of WHER Initiative who reiterated the dedication of the organisation in providing safe spaces for the community and being first responders in cases of violations. She also assured the LBQ women present that WHER is always there to champion the cause of living above the oppressions and the unfriendly laws faced by members of the community in Nigeria while urging them to continue to embrace their authenticity and resolve to live beyond societal values and restrictions.

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