Upholding Human Rights: The Fight For LGBTQGNC+ Rights In West Africa.

Dearest reader,

It seems that the statement and right “freedom of speech and identity” is only applicable to heterosexual people. Every day in our changing world, people come up with creative ways to consistently stifle the human rights of others, as seen recently in the highly homophobic bill that Ghana’s legal and parliamentary affairs have recently proposed.

This bill, if signed, is certain to expose the LGBTQGNC+ community in Ghana to a heightened level of danger than what it currently faces. The concept or enforcement of human rights cannot and should not be specifically tailored to a particular group of people simply because they believe that what they are or who they are is the right and only way.

The LGBTQGNC+ community poses no threat to anybody, hence my question: What harm does it cause to you or society when someone identifies as they desire? Why do we remain a top priority to target with malicious bills, as if intending to will us out of existence?.

Homosexuality, transgenderism, and their encompassing aspects do not harm anyone, including people within this spectrum. Homophobia is a completely futile and undesirable emotion, action, and mindset to adopt. 

The struggle for human rights is not just a battle for a marginalized community; it’s a fight for the fundamental principles of equality and freedom for all. Our differences should be embraced, not used as weapons of discrimination and exclusion.

As we navigate through the complexities of societal norms and prejudices, it’s imperative to recognize that diversity is not a threat but a celebration of humanity. The richness of our world lies in its diversity of identities, each contributing to the vibrant tapestry of life.

Ghana’s anti-LGBTQGNC+ bill, if passed, sets the entire community a hundred steps backward. We would be taken back to the very beginning, fighting for the right to simply exist and identify as who we truly are. The anti-rights bill is a cancerous plague; it may start at a place, but it wouldn’t stop there. It would surely spread, looking for the next place to pitch its tent.

The anti-rights movement persistently strives to impose its views, disregarding fundamental human rights, demeaning those who choose freedom, and implying that heterosexuals are superior to those with different identities. These unfounded insinuations lack factual basis or research; they are solely based on personal beliefs.

The LGBTQGNC+ community has made significant strides in the quest for equality, but the journey is far from over. It’s a continuous effort to dismantle barriers, challenge stereotypes, and create a society where everyone can thrive without fear of judgement or persecution.

Let us not forget that the tussle for LGBTQGNC+ rights is intertwined with the broader fight for human rights. When we uphold the dignity and rights of one group, we uphold them for all, reinforcing the universal principle that human rights are indivisible.

As we confront the challenges posed by discriminatory legislation like Ghana’s anti-LGBTQGNC+ bill, let us remember that resilience and unity are our most powerful tools. To our community in Ghana, we send our unwavering solidarity. Together, we can overcome obstacles, dispel ignorance, and pave the way for a future where everyone is accepted and celebrated for who they are.

In closing, let us continue to raise our voices, challenge injustice, and work tirelessly for a world where every individual can live authentically, free from discrimination and prejudice.

Human rights for one, human rights for all.

Gertrude Undie for Wher Nigeria.

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