Dealing with Anxiety While Social Distancing

The outbreak of the COVID-19 has increased the level of anxiety among all of us. Everyone is worried about the virus and wondering if they are already infected with the virus without knowing it.

The stressors of the average person have increased because everyone is worried about their health and the health of their loved ones. Due to the self-isolation mechanism to curb the spread of the virus, our eating and sleeping pattern has changed. Also, a lot of people have turned to unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with stress like alcohol, tobacco and various substances, therefore, increasing their anxiety.

 However, there are various healthy ways to cope with stress like taking a break from watching, listening or reading the news on coronavirus. This also includes reducing the time spent on bloggers sites and platforms which can contain a lot of fake and unverified news.

Another form of coping with stress and anxiety is by taking care of the body. This involves eating healthy, exercising regularly and practising deep breathing.

Self-isolation should not be a prison sentence, take out time and do things you enjoy like seeing a movie, reading a novel or baking a cake.

To ensure you don’t cause both yourself and others to get anxious avoid spreading fake news or unverified news and information to others. When you spread verified facts, you help keep people properly informed.

Do things with your family. Look at the whole experience as a bonding opportunity with family. Play indoor games engage in quiz and dance competition with your family. The important message is to practice togetherness while isolating.

Writing helps some people cope with anxiety. If writing is your thing, you could start a journal and document your quarantine journey. You could also use this opportunity to learn a foreign language or a new skill.

Engage in self-care by cleaning out your closet, enjoying a relaxing shower, learning yoga or even giving yourself a facial.

Finally, you can care for other people too by reaching out either by calling or texting. you can also reach out to people who do not have cannot afford shelter or care like the homeless people. You can assist them with vitamins, masks, gloves and food “from a distance”.

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