A week of love affair: Unmasking the magic of queer love.

Lean in a little closer; let me share something captivating with you.

Usually, Valentine’s Day is confined to a single day, but why should such a significant celebration of love be limited to only 24 hours? There is absolutely no reason! Who set these rules anyway? No one did! On this note, we present to you the ultimate Valentine’s dream. Celebrate your love—the love that surrounds you, that envelops us—for an entire week! You won’t miss any of the excitement because all events from the 12th to the 16th will be virtual Instagram live extravaganzas!

Starting from the 12th, we’ll go live for at least an hour each day. Tune in and join the live sessions if you’d like, there’d be music and interesting conversations!. Let’s talk about relationships and love in all of its beautiful forms. You can also request for any song you’d like and give shout-outs to the people who matter to you. 

You’ll have the opportunity to send in your stories, spoken word poetry, or a short, sweet message for someone you deeply care about or appreciate. We’ll ensure that on the 17th, we pass your love letter or message to your intended recipient. Just send it to us on Instagram, we’ll take care of the rest.!

And now, the grand finale—get ready for the pièce de résistance—the one you can’t afford to miss, “Unmasking the Magic of Queer Love,” an in-person event. At this gathering, we intend to celebrate the love that binds us, that shapes our identities and transcends borders.

We’re throwing a dinner party, a soiree dedicated to celebrating you. Picture this: good music, delectable cocktails, and the company of amazing souls who, like you, believe in the power of love that transcends borders.

But that’s not all; on the 17th, we’ll have a love wall. It would be our greatest pleasure to write any inscription you send in on that wall. There are no limits until the board is full, so please send as many as you can!

So mark your calendars for this week of love, a celebration that lingers in our hearts and memories. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we unmask the magic of queer love together. Because in our world, love knows no bounds. Let’s make this Valentine’s not just a day but a jubilation that echoes through time.

See you there! 🌈💖 #LoveUnmasked

Team WHER!

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