Oniyide Oluwaseun Olutoni is a human rights activist, photovoice advocate, poet, and writer. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in languages and linguistics at Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University Lapai, Niger state in 2014. She saw the need for LGBTIQ advocacy and volunteered with the Initiative for Communication of Equal Rights and Total Health (ICARTH) in Ibadan, 2015. Oniyide is very passionate about the LGBTIQ community in Nigeria, amplifying her voice for social change, defending the rights of queer people who are being violated, always willing and ready to provide safety and security measures in challenging situations. In 2018 she joined the International Centre for Sexual and Reproductive Rights (INCRESE) as Program Officer, KP’s: Health, Rights, and Safety. Her hobbies include hiking, hanging out, and writing.